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Phone Book vs Mobile Search. Phone Book WINS!



Welcome to Statewide Publishing


Statewide Publishing is an independent telephone directory publisher providing state-of-the-art market area phone directories.

Our unique approach to directory design & commitment to excellence make us #1 in the markets we serve. The features
included in our directories get the consumers to respond by picking them up and using them more often than standard telephone
company directories. By reviewing our phone books one will certainly see why our directories are 'The Phone Book of Choice'.

A few of the reasons our books are so popular is because we have the most complete and accurate listings available!
We have a more convenient and handier book size than the competition. We also use the largest type (so it's easier to read!),
have the most accurate maps available and include a Phone Number Reverse Directory.

Our directories offer the BEST RESULTS & BEST RATES in local yellow page advertising. Advertisers save up to 70% off the competitor's rates who have far less usage in the market as well as less market coverage. We give the BEST RETURN on yellow page advertising dollars.


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